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Food Industry in Ireland

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Sector Profile

The manufacture of food and drink products is Ireland's most important indigenous industry.
Key statistics

-230,000 jobs linked to the agri-food sector
-€26bn turnover in the sector
- €11.15bn worth of exports in 2016
-Half of exports by indigenous Irish companies
-Destinations – UK37%, rest of Europe 32%, international markets 31%
-Total payroll in the sector is €1.8bn – more than any other manufacturing sector
-€9.6bn worth of materials purchased - 76% are sourced in Ireland
-€3bn worth of services purchased - 55% are sourced in Ireland

Key facts
-Supplies the majority of produce to Ireland’s €14bn domestic grocery and food service sector
-Ireland is the largest net exporter of dairy ingredients, beef and lamb in Europe
-Ireland is the largest exporter in Europe of powdered infant formula
-Ireland exports over 80% of its dairy and beef production
-Ireland is the UK’s largest supplier of food and drink
-Irish beef is listed by more than 82 retail chains across Europe
-Ireland exports over half the pigmeat it produces – to over 60 countries around the world

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